Wood Flor Paste Wax 14lbs Pail

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  • A solvent based, anti-slip paste wax formulated for use on sealed or unsealed wood flooring.
  • Paste Wax cleans and polishes in one simple operation; buffing removes scratches while renewing beauty and luster.
  • For use on wood floors and furniture. Do not use on rubber or asphalt floors.
  • Easy to use, polishes to a brilliant shine, slip resistant, spreads easily. Cleans and polishes in one operation.
  • Petroleum Odor.
  • UL Approved for Slip Resistance


1. Thoroughly clean surface to be waxed.

2. Place wax on steel wool pad and apply to floor by hand or machine. Wax should be spread over floor until surface is clean.

3. Buff to a high luster with polishing brush or cloth.

CAUTION: Do Not Use On Rubber Or Asphalt Floors