Techno Bright Aluminum Surface Degreaser Brightening And Cleaning Agent Commercial (5 Gallon)

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A highly concentrated, penetrating alkaline based cleaner and degreaser formulated with potassium hydroxide, alkaline detergent builders and deep penetrating surfactants.

It is an aluminum cleaner and brightener. It dissolves the oil and dirt layers and aluminum oxides that lead to the obstruction, and eliminates the factors preventing heat transfer. It affects quickly. It is easy to use.


1. Spray on to surface and scrub throughly with a brush or dip into the diluted solution.

2. Rinse with water following the application to remove the residues.

3. Dipping process: ensure not to exceed 5 minutes.

Usage Areas
It is used for cleaning and polishing of aluminum serpentines, radiators and radiator cores, air conditioning system.