Hydrogen Peroxide All Purpose (Glass, Carpet,Stain Remover) Cleaner (1 Quart, 32 oz w/Sponge)

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ALL IN ONE FORMULA - One Product as Multipurpose,Glass,Stain,Restroom,Grout,Sinks,Tubs,Showers and Carpet Cleaner.

DEEP CLEANING BENEFITS - This multipurpose cleanser, deep cleans surfaces and removes toughest and stubborn stains from dirt, hard-water as well as limescale to leave the surface sparkling clean. These surfaces could be your toilet bowl, bathroom walls, Ceramic top Table, counter tops, mirrors, door knobs, refrigerator, Cutting boards, Garbage pails, Compost bins etc.


BEST CLEANER- GreenFist Peroxistar will keep you and your dependents; be they two legged or four legged safe and healthier given its hydrogen and oxygen power.


FRESH ORANGE SCENT- Lightly Used Fresh Orange Fragrance made of the highest quality, it’s safe for kids and pets.


STRENGTH OF HYDROGEN PEROXIDE - Contains Hydrogen Peroxide Which is Made Up of Two Hydrogen Atoms and Two Oxygen Atoms, Begins to Breaks Apart as Soon as it Contacts The Stain. This solution's one of its main ingredients alongside other plant based natural acids that penetrated through hard water stains. The chemistry of hydrogen peroxide and its cleaning property is pretty simple. Hydrogen peroxide is pretty much like water only that it has an additional oxygen atom.


ENVIRONMENTALLY RESPONSIBLE - Biodegradable Formula, Not tested on animals. Besides Hydrogen Peroxide GreenFist Peroxistar also, for effective cleaning power, relies on combined orange oil and wetting agents that yield a truly remarkable, biodegradable, multi-surface cleaner and deodorizer. Using GreenFist Peroxistar will help you clean your laundry shelf, clear all the other products containers and replace them with you new buddy whenever a cleaning job arises.