GreenFist UNIGRAIN Degreaser All Purpose Cleaner For Sensitive Surfaces [Non-Butyl,Non-Ammoniated] 5 Gallon

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UNI GRAIN  is a concentrated, economical degreaser for extra heavy-duty industrial use. Quickly removes a wide variety of greasy and carbonaceous soils not readily penetrated by ordinary cleaning products.

It is a safe,  aluminium cleaner and degreaser product and may be used as a cleaner, degreaser and emulsifier for grease, oil and soils on equipment, machinery, concrete floors, driveways, and many other areas where a heavy-duty cleaner is required.

It is a multi surface cleaner. Unigrain’s super-cleaning action does not harm sensitive surfaces. It cleans iron, steel, aluminium, rubber, concrete, glass and most plastic and synthetic fibres. Unigrain, perfect metal cleaner is designed to provide maximum cleaning, degreasing and emulsification of surface build up. Unigrain is a non-caustic aluminium cleaner and degreaser and contains effective ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion inhibition systems. Unigrain is used where soil loading is high and preferably in manual or automatic processes where a rinse stage is available. It provides powerful cleaning power to remove tar, grease and grime.

Powerful aluminum cleaner is widely used in the Food Processing industries including baking and confectionery. Unigrain removes all fats, oils, greases, carbon deposits and grime build up making it a highly effective commercial oven cleaner. Unigrain is environmentally friendly.

Kosher Certified Product

NOTE: Certain types of asphalt tile are sensitive to hot solutions of even very mild neutral cleaners and whiten when washed with them. On these floors, use UNI GRAIN DEGREASER only in cool or cold solutions.


WARNING! Do not allow wet floor areas to be open to foot traffic. Wet shoes or wet spots can create a slippery condition. Wet floor areas should be cordoned off until
dry for traffic.