GreenFist Professional Clogged Drain Opener 1 Gallon

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  • ELIMINATES BLOCKAGES AND CLOGS - GreenFist Professional Clogged Drain opener has been biotechnologically formulated to dissolve the most stubborn clog build up from soap, hair, conditioners, fats, oils, papers, roots as well as other organic matter. Since it is a heavy solution than water it sinks below the water level to the point of obstruction and immediately starts to penetrate and dissolve the blockage.
  • FIXES SLOW DRAINS - Slow drains can promote growth of molds and mildew; which further worsens blockages in the drainage systems. This culminates to slow drains and water sitting on the floor for hours before draining, it's just unhygienic and frustrating. However, this clog opener speeds up the draining of water through organic material breakdown to keep your drainage pipes as clear as possible.
  • REDUCED PLUMBING FEES - When the drainage system is not taken care of, it can attract high cost of professional maintenance. GreenFist Professional Clogged Drain opener saves you the hustle of having to call your plumber every week for a couple of months.
  • ODOR ELIMINATION - Clogged pipes cannot only cause blockage of your drainage system but they can mess the pleasant environment of your home through unpleasant odors; Sewer and drains have generally unpleasant smell. That is why you need this clog opener to deal with these odors.
  • CLEAN AND PLEASANT HOME ENVIRONMENT - Clogged pipes can lead to sewer and drains backflows which apart from unpleasant smell can lead to spread of bacteria and germs. When this situation worsens such backflows can be a breeding ground for mosquitoes thus making an unpleasant home environment. You need a clean environment for you and your loved ones, get GreenFist Professional Clogged Drain Opener and this problems will be long forgotten memory.
  • Kosher Certified Product