Greenfist Multipurpose Cleaner [Concentrated] 5 Gal. Unilight Flower - Makes Up to 320 Gallons

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A cleaner & deodorizer with a fresh lavender scent. It is a powerful, concentrated deodorizing cleaner for all industrial and institutional uses.

Dilution ratio is dependent on surfaces to be cleaned and buildup of soil. Safe to use on all surfaces not affected by water.

Kosher Certified Product

Recommended For: All floors including marble, terrazzo and other stone surfaces. Works equally well in hard or soft water, hot or cold.

For extreme soil, it may be necessary to decrease amount of water.



1. Apply the diluted solution onto surface using a clean mop or sponge.

2. Scrub if neccesary using a scrubbing machine or stiff machine.

3. Rinse cleaned surface completely and allow to dry.

4. Floor can be machine buffed to a higher gloss after drying.