GreenFist Green Dish Soap [ Lemon Scent ] Manual Pot & Pan Professional Detergent Liquid Refill Pot & Pan Dish-Wash - Light or Heavy Use , 128 ounce ( 1 Gallon) (1 Gallon W/Sponge, Pump & Microfiber Towel)

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  1. About this item

    • ULTRA CONCENTRATED - GreenFist Dish Soap uses ingredients such as Surfactant Blend, coco amide, fragrance, and Dye-Brilliant Green all optimally concentrated on enhancing the cleansing power of the dish wash solution.
    • BIODEGRADABLE - Our Hand Dish Soap and its ackaging are made of ingredients that are, biodegradable and not tested on animals.
    • HIGH SUDSING - This Hand Dish Washing solution with a small amount; less than a handful, suds quickly and sufficiently. Ordinary hand dishwashing takes time to sud and needs you to use more quantities but with GreenFist Dish wash even with greasy pots you need just a small amount. Maybe, it’s time to throw them away and use GreenFist Dish Soap.
    • CUTS GREASE - GreenFist Dish Soap is tough on grease. It acts as a surfactant between water molecules and grease molecules just to cut grease off and leaves your pots & pans Spotlessly clean.
    • NON-IRRITATING - GreenFist Dish Soap is kind and gentle on your hands, it leaves them tender and softer.