GreenFist Hand Dish Soap - Professional Kitchen Pot & Pan Wash Liquid Cleaner [Concentrated] – Non Toxic, Light or Heavy Use, Lemon Scent }, 1 Gallon

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Are you looking for hand washing liquid detergent that cuts the grease and has a light fragrance? A professional grade solution that is fast, powerful, yet leaves the hands soft?

Well, Greenfist Commercial Hand Dish Detergent is just for you.

Developed by GreenFist, this dish soap features laboratory-formulated, synthetic, highly concentrated compound which has been created to meet modern standards in cleaning.

Dishes, glasses, pots and pans, kitchen appliances, leathers, plastics, mirrors, and table tops gleam after cleaning with this liquid detergent.

Imagine your hands softer, dishes clean, polished and shiny, and that is what exactly you’ll get using Greenfist hand dish soap.

The time for advanced, natural and effective hand dishwashing is finally here.

Kosher Certified Product