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A gentle, heavy-bodied, foaming hand soap with moisturizers. Angel Foam produces a rich creamy lather which leaves hands clean and soft without irritation. Hand hygiene is the primary measure to reduce infections. Objects that different members of your family could be interacting within turns such as your TV Remote control, PC keyboard, and Mouse just a few to mention. As such, Angel Foam Hand wash foam has been developed to protect and help you and your loved ones achieve a high rate of hand hygiene effectively. Rubbing your hands together after applying this antiseptic solution on your palms, back of the hand, fingertips, rinsing and drying will enhance better hygiene effects of this plant-based cleanser on your hands.

This product will deliver more usage per gallon than any other ordinary liquid hand soap. It has a clean and refreshing Meyer Lemon Scent. This product contains natural emollients which act as a skin moisturizer. Your hands will feel refreshed as well as soft and clean.

Kosher Certified Product

Directions: For best results;

1. Wet hands, then just one push from the dispenser delivers a generous portion of luxurious foam. The volume of lather feels so good in your hands that another push is not necessary.

2. Work up to a rich ,creamy lather. Rinse completely and dry thorough