GreenFist Dolphin Carpet Shampoo 5 Gal. & 32 Oz. [ Concentrated ] Carpet Cleaner Biodegradable Makes Up to Ready To Use 640 Gallons

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This product is a concentrated carpet extraction cleaner formulated with enviromentally preffered 
ingredients,incorporating proprietray encapsulation technology for superior maintenance of all types of stain resistant and untreated carpeting.

Kosher Certified Product

Reccomended Use: Kitchens, food preparations areas, food service areas and restrooms in hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, motels and schools.


Extraction Cleaner : 1:128 ( 1 oz Per Gallon)

Carpet Pre-Spray : 1:16 ( 8 oz Per Gallon)

Traffic Lane / Bonnet Cleaner : 1:16 ( 8 oz Per Gallon)