Importance of Washing Hands

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Washing of hands has been part and parcel of humans’ lifestyle in keeping up with living under hygienic conditions. The practice is key to preventing disease-causing organisms from entering the body to cause infirmities. But washing of hands has not been more important and a critical activity than in this era of the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Experts advice for the frequent washing of hand as one of the key remedies to combating the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic as well as other diseases that are caused by microorganisms.

It is important to wash the hands thoroughly and as often as possible to prevent outbreak of diseases and essentially help communities to stay healthy. According to Adhikari et al (8), regular handwashing is key to preventing the covid-19 pandemic which seems halt brought global economic activities to a halt. Such directive is important because people frequently and unconsciously touch the face, mouth, eyes and nose etc.

The Covid-19 virus can easily enter the body through touching of the face. Therefore, people must endeavor to wash the hands often times to stop viruses and other germs from entering the body. Additionally, a stained can directly get into the foods humans consume and that also has the tendency to cause a number of diseases in the body. In a survey conducted by Lee et al (13), regular washing of hands reduces diarrhea infection, respiratory illness and gastrointestinal illness by over 40%, 21% and 57% respectively. There is therefore the urgent need to wash the hands more often than not with soap and running water. This is the way forward to prevent spread of deadly disease causing viruses in the body such as the Covid-19.




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