Rabbit Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner Soap With [Micro-scrubbers] Gel Effective Cleaning For ( Heavy Grease, Carbon,Tar,Ink and etc)

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Super performance on hands.Cleaning was never so easy and effective before. Economical, concentrated formulation with micro scrubbers.

Our hands are important, as we do our work with them. We have to take care of them so that they look clean and soft. Rabbit Lotion is a heavy duty lotion hand cleaner effective for removing the toughest soils. It is a cosmetic quality, skin cleansing lotion with no petroleum odor.

Finely ground pumice works with the formula to provide a fast and complete removal of grease, grime, most ink spots, tar, asphalt, oils, lubricants, industrial carbon and other heavy duty soils. Contains pumice for extra cleaning power. It can
be used in the automotive industry and by factory workers, construction crews, maintenance engineers, painters, and others who need reliable, professional products for removing difficult soils. Conditioner enriched therefore it cleans and softens at the same time. You don’t have worry about showing your hands in public anymore. Your hands never looked as clean as now than before.